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2019: Resolutely Going into the Unknown

2019: Resolutely Going into the Unknown

Good morning internet!

Although this won’t arrive to you until the Thursday after New Years, I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve. And I just can’t shake the urge to start coming up with some intentions for next year. I’m not sure I’m ready to call them resolutions, because I don’t feel very resolute about much in life right now.

Why I Don’t Like Resoluations

The idea of making resolutions at the new year doesn’t sit very well with me. It feels like the timing is shoe-horned into life rather than going with the natural flow. And I think that’s why most new-year’s resolutions get dropped. I tend to make goals as needed. So I have never really done the “resolutions this year” thing.

One other thing I don’t like about resolution season is that it tends to focus on the bad: “I’m not in shape.” “I waste too much” “I have too much stuff.” Of course we should always strive to be our best selves, but I find making resolutions makes it easy to get down on myself for my “failures”. In actuality, aside from one very large relationship disintegrating in my life, I’m actually feeling very good about where I’m at. We are moving towards more handmade cleaners and fewer single-use items around the house, I get a fair amount of exercise and have balance between gluttony and healthy eating that I like.

With all that get-down on resolutions, I think it is a good idea to look ahead and take time to create intentions whenever possible.

Looking toward 2019

2019 is probably going to shake out to be a very interesting year. I’m going to have to sell my farm, my divorce should be finalized, my youngest will start pre-school in the fall, my eldest will be in 1st grade (what!?), I think it will be the first annum that I am employed full time for every month of the year (hopefully), and I will have to move into a new residence of some sort (again, hopefully. Let me know if you have have a cardboard box me and my kids can fit in).

We just cleared out our Christmas decorations yesterday (I say we, but that may be giving my kids a bit too much credit). And I’m thinking a lot about what I want to have in my next house.

This will be my first place of residence where I’m the only adult making decisions. I went from living with my parents, to living with roommates, to living with my husband after college. Now I’ll be the only one making decisions about what the house will look like. Our house had a lot of Cragislist and second-hand purchases before, but my next place will undoubtedly have more. I promised the girls they will have bunk beds in our next house. This reason alone is making them look forward to the move.

Who doesn’t really want to live in a fairy house in the woods? I know I do.

Who doesn’t really want to live in a fairy house in the woods? I know I do.

SIDENOTE: Does anybody reading this live in a tiny house or off grid? My heart yearns for something like this, but I’m not sure I can make it reality with 2 small kids and no partner. Let me know if you have advice or tips. What I really want it a gypsy wagon. But it seems a little unrealistic.

Ok. So enough hemming and hawing. Here’s my list:

Making Goals for 2019

Based on my pinterest board, I want piping in my pajamas. I bet there are some other themes too though.

Based on my pinterest board, I want piping in my pajamas. I bet there are some other themes too though.

  1. Develop forgiveness skills: Forgive myself. Forgive my wasband. Forgive my kids. Forgive politicians. Just forgive faster. Forgive fuller. Forgive. After gratitude, forgiveness seems to be one of the biggest happiness makers I know of. Forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness, does not come naturally to me. But I’m going to make a strong effort in 2019 to forgive people.

  2. Up my underduds game: I don’t NEED new bras yet. But I’m getting close. I set aside a bit of cash as a treat to myself for finishing and being a finalist with my Vogue Faerie Knitting sweater. I have yet to buy a bra pattern. So the top of the making list for 2019: matching bra and panties set. If you have bra recommendations let me know. Do you want to start bra making in 2019 too? I would love to hear about it! I’ve started a Pinterest board with some patterns and construction tips.

    SIDENEOTE: I hate the word panties. I use the term underduds with my kids.

    OTHER SIDENOTE: I bought my first secondhand bra, which felt really gross. But it’s in extremely good condition, and it’s now the best fitting bra I own. If you see those bra racks at second-hand stores, give them a chance. Honestly, this shouldn’t be gross if it’s in good shape. It’s just a mental hurdle.

  3. Pajamas. I want to make some cozy pj’s that I won’t wear out of the house but wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer the door in. I’ve had this goal in mind for a while, so I’ve started a board on that as well. More on that later.

  4. Bunk Beds: Like I said, my kids want bunk beds. Quality furniture is always painfully expensive, and I know I could make a nice set if I put my mind to it. The goal is to find, refurbish, or make a really nice set of bunk beds that my kids love.

  5. Boot-herb garden: I can’t save every single worn-out shoe around, but I would like to develop a way to save some cherished old footwear that isn’t functional anymore. Once I get moved, I want a herb garden growing out of shoes.

I could go on all day with what I want to make etc, but I’m going to limit myself to five. 1 spiritual goal, 2 wardrobe goals, and 2 life-skill goals.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that your 2019 is filled with a life and items in it that you made with your own two hands.

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