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Welcome. I’m here to talk about creating an intentional wardrobe that is ethical, affordable, beautiful, and comfortable. I mostly make yarn, knit, sew, thrift, and mend to do it.

End of Winter Handspun Hat - Capucine Pattern

End of Winter Handspun Hat - Capucine Pattern

It’s been a very busy week since I last talked about making boot stands, I’ve finished a hat, made a hand-sewn chicken (see my instagram for a pic) and chick and rescued a very decent jacket from the local dumpster.

This single parenting thing doesn’t leave a whole lot of extra time. I’m getting awfully tired of this whole full-time job gig now that the weather is getting nicer. How do people not go riding when the day is beautiful? I have always felt blessed that I had a partner so I could raise our kids without full-time paid employment. But not taking it for granted didn’t stop it from no longer being an option. *sigh*

The Dumpster Jacket - the beginning


Anyhow, about the dumpster jacket. When I went to drop off the recycling, there was a jacket sitting on top of the trash dumpster. I pulled it out. It smelled like overly-fragrant detergent. There were no rips or tears. The only problem was the zipper was missing the pull and 2 zipper teeth. It’s a SwissTech jacket, which I thought at the time sounded fancy, but when I looked it up, it’s available at Kohl’s and Walmart. Either way, the darn thing has no other problems and comes with the inner spring jacket. So now, in order to keep this non-biodegradable garment from the landfill for a bit longer, it’s sitting on my kitchen table with half a zipper pinned to one side. It waits for me to get the motivation to sew the replacement zipper in. Alas, it will wait a bit more.

My Favorite Hat - Just in Time for the end of Winter


Onto my new hat! It’s based off a FREE ravelry pattern that has been sitting in my favorites for quite some time. Capucine by Adela Illichmanova has a lovely shape that covers the ears without seeming too ear-flappy. I have tried to re-create it before, but the real trick is getting the decreases right and not switching to rounds from rows too quickly.

In preparation for moving houses (which may or may not be happening), I’m trying to de-stash some of my giant pile of handspun yarn which is pretty fun. I used parts of 2 skeins of partial-dip hand-dyed handspun yarn pulled from my Etsy shop. There are a few skeins left like it.

Of course the yarn I wanted to use didn’t match the gauge, so I just winged it with size 8 needles. This worked ok…..except my winging it didn’t leave a long enough opening in the back so I did some really rudimentary steeking to open it up a bit more.

I LOOOOOVE the coziness of this hat. Plus walking around with tassels next to your cheeks just feels awesome. Of course, it doesn’t look as good on me as it does on my eldest who moodily modeled it for me.

3 Quick Steps to a Fixed Purse: Using an Upcycled Belt!

3 Quick Steps to a Fixed Purse: Using an Upcycled Belt!

SCRAPS BUSTED - Boot Stands (also, I'm a divorcee now)

SCRAPS BUSTED - Boot Stands (also, I'm a divorcee now)