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Jeans Refashion

Jeans Refashion

Yesterday #MeMadeMay began and all I wore handmade was a purse. However, I wrapped up April with these beautiful jeans that I’m so in love with. Remember how I basically turned a pair of too-low too-tight jeans into maternity pants by ripping out the waistband? You can read about it here. Well I saved it and hacked another pair into high-rise jeans as well. Here is the abbreviated tutorial and outcome.


I started with jeans that are nice-ish. They were a pair of Arizona’s I bought at JC Penny in college. They have become a bit snug and uncomfortable but still very very dark, so I saved wearing them for occasions when faded jeans just wouldn’t do.

Years ago, I had added bit of sparkly trim to the back pockets as on ode to the super common cowgirl style of the time.

However, they have always been uncomfortably low. And I’m sick of low jeans (as is the rest of the world, based on current fashion trends.

So in short, these jeans were in for a re-fashion. Giving them to a thrift shop wouldn’t do them justice as they have gone out of fashion. And they fit me well enough in the backside that I was willing to give them a second chance.

In order to raise the waistband. I ripped off the existing band with a seam-ripper. I also took a pair of my ex-husbands jeans from high school as well as the hydraulic waistband from my first jeans refashion for this project.

Other supplies for the project include a silk tie donated by a friend. Thanks Zach. Extra denim from wasband’s old jeans, embroidery floss, and a couple of buttons.

Stacking Waistbands

Sewing in the waistbands was the trickiest part of this project. With all those folds, I had a lot of layers of denims to sew through, and honestly, I broke quite a few needles doing it.

As is my habit, because I don’t trust myself to sew a super straight line, I sewed the bands on top of each other with zig-zag and decorative stitches.


After the bands were done and most of my heavy duty needles were broken. I decided to add some length to the jeans. After cutting up the outside seam of each leg from the bottom to about 13” up, I cut off the bottom of each pantleg about 3” from the hems. Then I took those cut off rectangles and made similarly sized rectangles with my contrast denim from wasband’s old jeans. I sewed those onto the bottom of each cut leg and then the original hems were added below those. To finish the seam, I did a faux-felled seam by adding a decorative stitch to hold the seam allowance in place.


Next I added extra flair. Using the contrast denim from above, I created 4 triangles the same height as the new length of the gap in the bottom of each pant leg plus 1.5” for hem allowance. (Full disclosure, I was silly and forgot about the full seam allowance on top, so my triangles were a bit short and I didn’t have enough space to fold over the hems twice.

I had disassembled a silk tie and sewed in a strip as a splash of color in each leg. I also used the narrow end of the tie (and created another piece in the same shape to match) to place on the waistband to bring that splash of color to the top.

And voila! Extra-flare high-rise jeans complete! These jeans match my style to a T and receive an A+ for all my rules.

Happy memademay y’all!

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